Benefits of Finding a Diplomate of the ABIHM

All of our Diplomates have undergone a process of education in the art and science of integrative holistic medicine.  Our curriculum includes a broad array of topic areas, and diplomates of the ABIHM will generally have an expansive command of integrative holistic concepts and practices.  Finding a diplomate of the ABIHM should give you a measure of security that your physician has met a validated standard for knowledge of integrative holistic medicine.

Reasons to Find an Integrative Holistic Physician

1.  Integrative holistic physicians bridge a critical gap between conventional and integrative holistic medicine, blending the best of important schools of thought.

2.  They typically spend a greater amount of time you.

3.  Integrative holistic physicians are inclined to form close collaborations with you.

4.  They treat you as whole people, not your diseases.

5.  Integrative holistic physicians characteristically view symptoms in the context of an underlying problem, attempting to treat the cause, rather than to suppress the symptoms alone.

6.  They provide a broad array of modalities and options for healing, focusing first on lifestyle.

7. They can prescribe drugs when necessary, after first considering other natural and safe options.

8.  Integrative holistic physicians tend to be caring, compassionate individuals.

9.  They focus extensively on disease prevention.

10. They have a natural passion for lifelong learning and healing.   Search Now!